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I'm fairly new at this community thing, so bare with me. I'll be making a few changes over the next few days, so the look should be improving drastically. Until then, take a look through the description, rules, etc

What the hell is this?

The purpose of this community is to share photos of graveyards and the brilliantly sculpted monuments within the gates. Whether you're an aspiring photographer, a professional, or just someone who enjoys taking cemetery photos, feel free to sign up!

Rules of the community

1. While this community is mainly for the purpose of posting your own photos, that doesn't mean you can't post a personal favourite from a website or whatnot. If you post someone else's photo, be sure and give credit please!

2. It's recommended that you post your larger pictures behind LJ cuts. To do this, simply use this code - <*lj-cut text="text goes here"*>Code of picture and anything else you'd like to type goes here<*/lj-cut*> If your picture is smaller, don't worry about using a cut.

3. This is a very open-minded community. If you believe you've captured a ghost in one of your cemetery photos, go ahead and tell your story. However, it would probably be best if you placed everything behind a cut, just incase.

4. If you don't want your pictures used by others, say something. Copyright your picture, or simply request that your photos not be taken. If you don't mind others using your photos (for banners, icons, etc.), it would be helpful if you posted your rules for crediting.

And above all, have fun here!

I think that about covers it. Still interested? Join and get to posting those photos! Looking forward to seeing what monuments are out there.
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