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Graveyard Intro

I love graveyards, the older the better, or with beutiful ornate gothish statues and tombs...
This is a picture my husband took of me in a large cemetary not far from our home. We were strolling about on a perfect, warm, cloudless day, when I came across what looked like a funny white rock, or perhaps a piece of a grave. I was standing near a site that looked like it had been ruined, there was a small child's gravestone and then several empty spaces where you could tell stuff was missing. Upon further inspection of this "rock" that was catching my eye, I found it to be a carving of a sleeping white lamb, half buried in the earth face-down and caked with grime. I pried him out of the dirt, dusted him off, and set him back onto the space where he should have been. I felt he protected the child buried there, and I felt very bonded with the site.
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