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Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mt. Auburn in Boston, Massachusetts, is America's first garden cemetery and was consecrated in 1831 with the help of a man who was a well-known landscape designer at the time. I cannot remember his name, but the friend that I went with definatly knows.. It may be 'Edwardton'. Anyway, this guy made sure to place many trees and shrubs throughout the park. There's even a few ponds there. Some of the trees are very massive in girth, including a fat purple beech tree.

So, a friend and I walked around and saw hundreds of amazing gravestones and monuments. We even saw a coyote! And I got a photo of it too, rock on! There's two (that I saw, hopefully there's more?) dog statues there, one of a collie type dog and another of a bullmastiff type. There's even a largish sphynx statue, heh. There's also a 62-foot tall 'Washington tower' atop a hill. It was built in the 1850's in the old Gothic style of architecture, typical of the Gothic revival in the nineteenth century. It resembles a rook chess piece. Very cool. There are some neat buildings strewn here and there, one being an eye-catching chapel..it's very beautiful, also being designed in the Gothic style. I read in one of the brochures that the stained glass on that chapel had to be imported from Scotland, as companies that made such gothic-style stained glass were unavailable in the U.S. at the time.

The tower, after climbing the stone spiral stairs, offers an awesome view of boston all around.

One of the chapels.. I don't have any info on this one.

The sphynx, sculpted in 1872 by Martin Milmore.

The sphynx monument is dedicated to the end of the Civil War and the termination of slavery in the United States.

Now this is the chapel I mentioned above..Its name is Bigelow Chapel. Here's an exerpt copied from one of the brochures I got: "This Gothic Revival chapel was also designed by Dr. Bigelow (said earlier that the sphynx was designed by this guy as well), who wrote that the Gothic style imitated the groves and bowers under which ancient Druids performed their sacred rites.
Constructed of Quincy granite, the chapel was built and rebuilt in the 1840s-1850s until the structure was secure. Stained glass windows were imported from Edinburgh, Scotland. The interior has been remodeled in this century; an addition on the west side is the crematory. The chapel is used for memorial services and Friends (Friends of Mt. Auburn, a lil club thing you can join) programs."

This is a personal monument style stone for a man who had founded the express company in America. I don't know of this company, but he was only 31 when he died. There is a nifty stone mastiff guarding the monument.

The mastiff

One of the ponds.

I thought that this looked nice. One stone, surrounded by an iron fence going in an oval formation.

I love this one!

The coyote!

Backside of Washington Tower.

A view from tower's lookout area.

Another view.

Front of the tower.

Another pond..

I like the contrast between the white gravestone, the red flowers, and the black fence.

This lil building is so cool :)

The collie dog statue..

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